Next Market. The 3rd Saturday of the month, portend of a brilliant Market…so A Warm Welcome Marketeers as we raise our tents and our hopes of yet another beautiful Bellingen day spent in the company of friends met and those yet to be made.

Our primary focus on Local, Arts, Craft, wide variety of Foods, and Produce results in impassioned informed insights from artist, crafter, grower and cook, about the product of their toil, to all who enquire. Another ever increasing group of Marketeers, Recyclers in their varied forms will also eagerly engage the visitor as to how wood, rubber tyres, old coins and cutlery, garments, are transformed from a disused shipping pallet, a piece of fallen tree, an old tyre, or dress, into tables, chairs, jewellery or retro fashion chic’.

This proclivity toward social engagement, product knowledge and obvious pride in the product or service most of you literally and physically stand by, is pretty much endemic amongst our Marketeers. That is the ‘buzz’. It is an entertainment watching visitors transfixed on a stallholder explaining their particular ‘thing’. That enthusiasm and positive disposition is infectious (in a nice way) and soon rubs off on visitors. It’s great to be back amongst it all…you wouldn’t be dead for quids.

I was at ease over the time off thanks to the fact that you were in good hands. .

Not just a marketplace but a great place to be.