Welcome to the Bellingen Community Markets


The 3rd Saturday of the month, portend of a brilliant Market…so A Warm Welcome Marketeers as we raise our tents and our hopes of yet another beautiful Bellingen day spent in the company of friends met and those yet to be made.

Our primary focus on Local, Arts, Craft, Food, and Produce results in impassioned informed insights from artist, crafter, grower and cook, about the product of their toil, to all who enquire. Another ever increasing group of Marketeers, Recyclers in their varied forms will also eagerly engage the visitor as to how wood, rubber tyres, old coins and cutlery, garments, are transformed from a disused shipping pallet, a piece of fallen tree, an old tyre, or dress,  into tables, chairs, jewellery or retro fashion chic’.

This proclivity toward social engagement, product knowledge and obvious pride in the product or service most of you literally and physically stand by, is pretty much endemic amongst our Marketeers. That is the ‘buzz’. It is an entertainment watching visitors transfixed on a stallholder explaining their particular ‘thing’.  That enthusiasm and positive disposition is infectious (in a nice way) and soon rubs off on visitors. It’s great to be back amongst it all…you wouldn’t be dead for quids.

I was at ease over the time off thanks to the fact that you were in good hands. .

Not just a marketplace but a great place to be.

BCM is held the 3rd Saturday of every month from 9am-2.30pm for visitors and 6.30am-2.30pm for stallholders.



Spring has Sprung,The Sweet Smell of Blossoms all around

OctoberMarket is as bountiful as the season’s offering of fresh fruit and vegetables and as rich as our community’s creativity and commitment. All this and more is on offer every month and September was a fine example.
Our Marketeers have painted, carved, sewn, sawn, baked, boiled, fired, chipped, chopped, bottled, cooked, and catered and harvested fresh, local grown seasonal fruit and vegetables to ensure you’ll find exactly what you are looking for, plus new discoveries yet to be found.


We have pleasure welcoming Bellingen Girl Guides to our March market. BCM respects and supports their mission to guide and encourage girls and women to be all they can. 

The group will be helping with market set up and pack down while representing their organisation with a stall. You will see some members at gates endeavouring to raise needed funds so please support them where you can.

Please read further information about Girl Guides below.

LITTLE GIRLS WITH DREAMS BECOME WOMEN WITH VISION bellingen girl guides at bellingen community markets 15 march 2014

Bellingen Girl Guides are proud to be part of the wider Girl Guides Australia. With an international partnership of over 30,000 volunteers and girls across the globe we all support girls and young women to be all they can be.

The Bellingen Girl Guides comprises of 4 leaders and approximately 18 Guides registered for 2014. In existence since the 1950’s in Bellingen we share the hall with the Bellingen Scouts at 12 Bowra Street.

Some interesting facts about girls and women !

Did you know that right now?

  • More than 60% of girls stop doing something they love because they feel bad about how they look.
  • 19% won’t try out for a team or a club.
  • 23% won’t go to the beach or swimming pool.
  • 13% won’t give an opinion. 
  • 15% won’t go to school.
  • Children as young as five and women as old as 80 say they are worried about their appearance.
  • 1 in 2 girls don’t feel comfortable leaving the house without makeup on.

The Real Truth About Beauty – Revisited”, Dove Global Study 2010

  • Looking at magazines for just 60 mins lowers self-esteem of over 80% of girls

Source: Dr. Raj Persuad, psychiatrist at the Maudsley Hospital London.

  • Six out of 10 teenage girls think they would be happier if they were thinner

Source: UK Teen Body Image Survey, Jan 2004, Bliss.

  • 63% of girls would rather be a men’s magazine model than a doctor, teacher or nurse.

Source: TheLab, 1000 girls 15-19 years old

  • Young Australians have ranked Body Image among their top three concerns for the last six years.

Source: Dove 2010

Oh No! What can we do?

In the true tradition of our great movement – take action!!!

bellingen girl guides at bellingen community markets 15 march 2014Free Being Me is aimed at our Australian Girls and helps them understand how self-esteem and body image is effected by today’s society. This is a girl led program based on a really strong research base about how we can build resilience and understanding in girls and young women so that they are empowered to reach their potential!

And we know that it works! Research shows that going through a high quality program like Free Being Me does have lasting impact…

  • 60 Percent of girls have improved body confidence
  • 78 per cent of girls feel more confidence and capable at school
  • 71 percent of girls have better relationship with their peers
  • 53 percent of girls get on better with their families.

Source: The Body Project – Study

For more information check out their webpage: 


Or Contact:

Nea Armstrong - Leader In Charge 02 6655 1008

or Jodie 047 412342

6 Coronation Place, Bellingen NSW  2454

All girls and women are encouraged to come along, meet some new friends and have fun while learning and enjoying. 

Weather or Not

The market often goes ahead in wet conditions.

We don’t make the final decision to cancel a wet market until 7am on market day unless prior bad conditions call us to do so and we have time to notify stallholders and the community.

The market postponement depends on the damage caused to the market grounds. It’s not what’s happening from the sky but what is happening on the ground that’s important.

If a market is postponed prior to the day announcements will be made via ABC mid north coast radio, 2BBB, 2CS, Star FM and on the market office answering machine. If postponed the market will be held on the next Saturday.

If market is cancelled all stall holders (casual & permanent) must phone the market office on the next Monday to confirm their attendance for the following  Saturday.  If this market is also rained out we then forget about having a market that month and return to normal practise for the following month (i.e. casual bookings on the Monday prior to the 3rd Saturday).

For the official version we recommend you pick up a copy of Wet Weather Guidelines to avoid any confusion or disappointment.

Produce & food

bcm fruit kazkoncepts 1Ample local fresh produce and delicious food is available for all tastes and budgets

Family fun

bellingen community marketsFun entertainment and activities for the whole family

Live Music

music at bellingen community markets



Live music by talented local musicians