Bellingen Community Markets

February 2022 Newsletter

Welcome to Bellingen Community Markets, in lead up to our wonderful 19 February 2022 Market.

We trust you are ready to join us and looking forward to a good day. As an all weather market, remember to come prepared for all weather; rain, wind and sunshine. Nature’s elements are unpredicable, so please be ready for anything. We only cancel when the grounds are unsafe and this is not the case for Saturday.

February tends to be a quiter month. Tourists have returned home and many people are counting their pennies after an expensive christmas. Some of our permanent stallholders have taken the opportunity to have a break but we always have keen casuals to fill their place. Whatever the case, Bello Markets is a well known, sort after destination. You have to agree, it’s has a good vibe, and is a popular meeting place with friends, family and stallholders enjoy the monthly collaboration.

Safety – We have taped of the areas under the large bunya nut trees in our park. You will find them opposite toilets near church st and east/south corner. We’ve checked the trees and cant see any big nuts up there, but just in case, its best to avoid the area.

Rubbish – Thanks for taking home your rubbish. Please dont leave anything at the skip bins. Some unbright spark has bent the yellow skip bin lid (because they were locked) and forced rubbish into it. As it turns out it is full of unknown rubbish. Please remember, as a plastic free market we use enviromentally friendly product wrappings, utensils and cups. On market day our crew will be wandering around checking this is the case.

We’ve got a good market in store with fabulous music and community representation. Thanks for helping us ensure our market remains an enjoyable, safe, clean and friendly place to be.

Have a good day.

cheers, Kaz


Saije is a multi-instrumental duo whose soulful harmonies, dynamic guitar-lines and percussive breakdowns breathe life into heartfelt stories. Their song writing typically encourages connection to self, to the earth and to each other, inviting you on a journey from the depths of ancient forests to bustling French markets, weaving threads of Celtic and French gypsy flavours into their folk tunes along the way.

Since returning home from an eight-month European tour at the end of 2016, they have uplifted audiences at a number of Australia’s festival gems; including MULLUMBIMBY FOLK FESTIVAL, CYGNET FOLK FESTIVAL, BELLO WINTER MUSIC, and the NATIONAL FOLK FESTIVAL where they received the Folk Alliance Australia Young Artist of the Year Award 2019-2020.

To learn more click here

Great Koala National Park

As our community group for the day they will be on the gates welcoming visitors and asking for donations. They will also have a table outside of Church St Gate. Please go see the wonderful work they are doing and support them where you can.

The GKNP is a grand vision to add 175,000 hectares of publicly owned native forests to existing protected areas to form a 315,000 hectare koala reserve.  

The proposal contains 44 percent of all koala hubs in state forests in New South Wales making a substantial contribution to ensuring the koala’s long term survival in the state. 

It would link fragmented forests with high biodiversity hotspots. There would be flow-on benefits for water security, carbon sequestration and for other conservation dependant species including platypuses, greater and yellow-bellied gliders, large forest owls and many aquatic organisms. 

The Great Koala National Park would bring significant economic benefit to the region, with a net benefit for rural communities. Forestry jobs are declining due to mechanisation and market forces and forestry workers could be transferred into park restoration and management jobs. The wider community would benefit from increased nature based tourism from campers, bush walkers, bird watchers, mountain bikers and nature enthusiasts. With domestic tourism demand increasing in the post Covid world, many Australians will be keen to visit and proud to have such a reserve in their state. 

Given that forests take up 31% of the world’s annual global carbon emissions it is vital that we retain and enhance their vital contribution to reducing atmospheric carbon and mitigating climate heating. The Great Koala National Park provides immense opportunity to transfer unsustainable logging practices into a sustainable, biodiversity hub and carbon sink that contributes to the wider community and ensures the survival of the koala and other vulnerable and threatened species into the future. It is essential that as well as stopping clearing, we actively restore forests and enhance their ability to sequester carbon. Logging has more than halved forest’s carbon storage, by stopping logging we avoid additional emissions and allow forests to sequester ever increasing volumes of carbon as they recover. 

To learn more click here

What to do when

The above map shows you where to line up in the morning.

Permanent stallholders arrive 6.30am and Casual stallholders arrive 6.45am

Thanks for carrying out the following:

  • Be considerate of local residents and line up quietly.
  • Drive slowly within market and NEVER on football field.
  • Park close to your stall when unloading, so cars can pass.
  • Unpack quickly then take your car out of park.
  • Park a few streets away so visitors can park closer. 
  • Return to set up your stall and give a helping hand to others if needed.
  • Don’t leave you car in park unless pre-arranged. 
  • Have the correct money when paying stall fees so we can avoid change.
  • Gates open at 2.30pm to leave.
  • No cars enter park before 2.30pm. 
  • If you want to leave earlier please walk your gear out. 
  • Take home all your garbage
  • Pack up your gear before retrieving your car.
  • All incidents must be reported to the Section Coordinator and/or Manager
  • Stallholders must be out of park by 4pm

Before attending Bello Markets please click here to read “stallholders guidelines, rules & regulations” along with COVID safety info. thank you   

Bellingen Community Markets loves supporting

growers, bakers, makers, creators, traders, shakers,

musicians and local community.


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