Be the community group at Bellingen Community Markets!

Any community group in the Bellingen Shire can apply to help at the markets on the third Saturday of the month and “shake the bucket” at the gates.

As you know, volunteering is vital to the life and dynamics of an active and healthy community and we thank you for your support.

Our aim is to continue to return positive cultural, commercial, social and financial benefits to the people in our shire.

How it works…..

With a minimum of 6 adults from your group, you help us set up at 6am and pack down at 2.30pm.

You receive a free market site (up to 3m) on the agreed market day.

Feel free to sell raffle tickets and goods as discussed and approved with BCM Manager.

Your members will be at each entrance gate (Church, Park, and Ford Streets) with a collection bucket to receive donations from visitors from 9am – 2pm.

Please ensure your bucket collection is not promoted as entry fee to BCM and please don’t harass, only welcoming, polite and respectful.

Be identifiable to the public by wearing your organisations uniform and supply volunteers with name tags identifying your organisation (logo etc).

Observe safe OH&S practices in accordance with the Act and BCM OH&S guidelines.

We encourage your group to take this opportunity to maximise fundraising opportunities.

Bucket collection  by Community Groups often yield good returns. It is an effective form of fundraising and emphasizes community ties.

Having a free stall and holding raffles and alike gives you access to thousands of people. It’s a perfect platform to display prizes and give your organisation public visibility while raising needed funds.

It’s your mission, should you accept it, to help BCM keep our visitors walking away thinking…..

Bellingen Community Markets…not just a marketplace but a great place to be.

For more information or to organise your place please send us an email. See our contacts page and look forward to hearing from you.

Download our community brief by clicking on below link: