Bellingen Community Market Permanent Stallholders @ March 2021

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The market is divided into 6 sections. A, B, C, D, E & F and each stall is found in a particular section, as below


A SECTION – Church St  (west side of market)

A1  Chester Dott Forbidden Fruit Nursery plants & flags
A3  Dave Larsen Hearthfire  sourdough bread & pastries
A4 Alexandra Sarr H/M Jewellery
A5 Steve Evans Australasian Edu Care – ‘Sacred Jewellry’  
A6  Rob Foster The Big Salami – meats food
A8 John Linhart Plants & Herbs
A9 Anne/Tom Bauchop Bric n Brac
A11 Laura Hart Recycled clothes
A12  Doug Grace Plants, natives, exotics, tropical 
A13 Nathan Jackson Shark peelers
A14 Rama & Nissa Anning  Leather masks
A15  Peter & Marie Thomas Shelfrespect Books – Books greeting cards
A17 Matthew Benefield Flowers & Roses
A18 Paul Joseph Hats
A20  Oscha Bucha  Botanical Blessings – skin care
A21 Gabriela Lienert dōTERRA essential oils
A22 Rebecca & Richard St John Blue House Espresso coffee beans
A23  Laura Mander  bric n brac , records, cds
A24 Maxime Cunningham Missing Field Organics plants goats soap
A25 Bruce Rose Roses Fruit and Veg
A26  Greg Butler Bellingen Smokehouse
A27 Richard St John Blue House Coffee  – hot 
A29 Kaewta (KAY) Norris  Lalin Thai Kitchen
A30 Bob & Wang Sompitak Greek Lamb/Salad, B/E rolls
A31 Jamie/Katrina Houghton Fresh fruit juices, smoothies/ milk shakes 
A34  Kia Taylor  Clothing by Tania Angeli of The Collective
A35 Jess Grace  Rainbow Valley Farms h/m Jams, chutney, pickles sauces
A36  Helen Savory  Plants
A39 Kim Childs Soy wax fragrant candles
A40 Colin Broadfoot  Boggy Creek Natives Plants
A42 Jennifer David Soft Senses Yarn – Handspun Wool
A44 Linda Barker Kokedama Japenese moss balls/felted and crocheted items
A45   Michael & Steffi Eppler The Bien Apiary Honey\bee food-wraps, beeswax products
A46 John Ross  Plants & Books
A47 Judith Webster h/m objects/pictures/art
A48 Manda & Ian Gentle Bakarindi Bush Food jams relishes
A49 Fernando Di Cato  CD’s DVD’s records toys Jewelry
A50 Rowena Di Cato  CD’s DVD’s records toys Jewelry
A51 Susann Martin Plants
A54 Gabrielle Pennington Mums home baked cakes
A55 Renee Haris h/m Clothes, yoga
A56 Fluer Blainey Deen Flower Essences

B SECTION – Church St  (west side of market)

B1 Lenore Skeen Leather ladies sandals
B2 Kay Martin Kadanas Select Treasurers Indian/bricabrac/gifts
B4 Martin Varlow Hollow Log Planters
B5 Matt Gadke/Dayna Rauser Curio City –  Glass art
B6 Brian Lackie bricabrac
B7 Lindsey & Brenton Graetz Hotglass Jewellery
B8 Lee Pearse  KOASTAL – h/m cotton clothes
B9 Shannon Raison Wild Spirit Jewellery
B12 Cheryl Ackland clothes, shells
B14 Greg Hayes shell products
B16 Zella Young 2nd hand clothes
B17 Zenzi Rutter-Grace 3rd hand clothes
B23 Ian\Ulreike Kethel The Rose Patch plants
B25 Alan Kaali Plants
B28 Ron & Ann Coles Adenium plants
B29 Evonne Lowe kaftans, bed and table runners, cushions covers
B30 Gloria Malone Jewellery & Pottery
B31 Manocia/John Shatwell h/m Handbags, journalS, book covers, shawls Tweed, Linen Silk
B32 Dieter Heinrich fence paling tap features, wild bird feeders ,
B34 Errol Wood Wallaby Tracks – leather shoes
B37 Jemah Day/Maeuve Blessed Earth yoga clothing
B39 Tom Stewart Indonesian  Baskets
B40 Fauziyah Detheridge Ziyah Condiments, baby clothes (food)
B43 Mark & Lauren Puls SnowWolf essential oils
B44 Ange Ryder h/m ceramics
B45 Julie Storok Seagoddess h/m insence
B48 Penelope Maria Lennon My Hearts Dezire tribal upcycled clothing

C SECTION – Park St  (middle of market)

C1 Gary Ward Antiques 
C2  Steve & Donna O’Brien Silver upcycled wind chimes
C3 Asumi Hussin (MUNI) Mooney Collectables – 2nd furn.
C4 Jeremy Ritchard  Drishti – Eco Luxury Candles 
C6 Megan Campbell Nimby kids clothes
C7 Michelle & Peter  Perry Perrys Lemon Myrtle soaps creams
C9 James Denis Moore (Jim) H/M opal jewellery
C10 Caroline Harada Crochet, H/M toys/ jewellery
C11   Rebecca Rali  Knicker palour clothing 
C13 Kevin Evans Greens Party – political info
C15 Peter Streit/Sue Mclean Bosna Grill – German
C16 Mark Patton  Food of the Earth -wraps 
C17 Bridget/Hassan Berrada Marrakech Express Morrocan Food
C19  John Arkan Curries & samosa
C20 Saihaj Arkan  Coffee, Chai,lassi
C21 Cedric Lopez  Hangry Wolf
C22 Damian Harrison The Rosti Project Potato
C23 Dominik Utzschneider Organic sugar cane juice
C24 Damien Paraire   Master Crepes
C25 Eva Kern-Wearn/Chris Wheatley Krispy Potato,  donuts
C26 Sanne Andersen Freshly Made Lemonade
C28 Lachlan Tawhiti Bubble Tea Shack
C29 Wayne and Jane Barron Mats Icecream
C30 Wayne and Jane Barron Morish Pizza 
C34 Jade Fitzpatrick ATM Express
C35 Grahame Maddeford/John Malloy Lions Club. B&E rolls, chips drinks
C36 Rhonda/Larry Carr\Foster Kundabung nursery plants
C37 Diane Garden Resinance Creations.
C38 Jenny Hutchins\Sophie McKay  Smallhavens – fairies
C39 Richard/Chris Hopkins H/M Silver jewellery
C40 John Garden Rage on Woodwork 
C41 David Fisher  Gwydir Grove Olives
C42 Alan Slater/Maria Czerniecki SunSmart Sunglasses
C43 Chein An Lin Gifts, socks, toys, bags, hats
C44 Lorna Pedersen Dog and pet supplies
C45 Mai Zong Lor     h/g  asian veggies herbs. Fruit

D SECTION – Park St  (south side of market)

D1 Jude\Chris Henry Baby wear clothes
D2 Brenda Colby-Jones GAAB Designs –  women’s clothing
D3 Bob Flat Bali imports
D5 Jenny Gibson Jenny’s Kitchen – jams & chutneys
D6 Karen Lovell 2nd hand clothes
D7 Dallas Kemp Gemstones Minerals crystals
D8 Penny Johnson Indian Cotton Clothes & Products
D10 Di Nordish Kiln fired glass & honey
D14 Marcia Bell Skincare and cosmetics- Senegence/LipSense
D15 Brett/Vanessa Murnain h/m bird and bat houses
D17 Vanessa Johnstone Men’s and women’s clothing
D19 Rosemary Walters Indigenous clothes, artifacts stuffed toys. Boots, shoes  Material
D20 Claire Archer Shibora – h/m Perfume, Bath Body Prod, Candles
D21 Lorraine Selmer Patter of Rain – Handbags baskets
D22 Anne Reilly h/m pottery
D23 Michelle Gruber h/m baked and pastry goods
D25 Merle/Michael Harvey  Pillow Puff Pancakes
D26 Rigoberto Briones  spanish – Churros, Steak rolls, Paella
D28 Danielle Xerri fresh lemon\pine\coco juice
D30 Caitlin Williams Blueberry Greens 
D31 Kirstie Frederiksen h/m Mandala money boxes
D32 Gradda  Lewis clothes scarfs
D34 Lindy Longhurst Original Art
D35 Tony & Chris  Flew Hats
D38 Margaret Baker-Feneck TJJ adult & child clothes
D41 Neil & Sharon Miskin Sundown Creek Nursery plants – Bromeliads
D42 Moshik Goffer h/m ceramics
D43 Adrienne Hmelnitsky H/M  ‘Sunlighters’ window stickers



James/Adele Freeman

Michael Donkin

fudge & cakes

organic calendular products

D47 Cherie Drinan Tumerix health tonic
D48 Sue Daniels Dark Star Orchid plants
D49 Stuart Simshauser clothes Jewellery  craft
D50 Sandy Rueeger Natural therapies Crystals/Himalayan Salt Products/Bach Flowers
D51 Margot Ljungberg H/M jewellery Turkish towels candles reed diffusers
D52 Bonita Meaney Rubony Everyday Crochet sewn clothing

E SECTION – Ford St  (east side of market)

E1 David Weldon Shoes jeans clothes
E3 Sharon Kerz  Shaz EssentialsAromatherapy essential oils 
E4 Linda Davies  childrens clothes and leather
E5 Debbie Lann/Rhonda Johnstone Pinjatas art
E6 Alejandra Navarrete   My Ecuador clothes
E7 Carmen/Allan Williams A Chair in There – unique Vintage upcycled furn bric a brac
E8 Paul Hoschke Organic vegies/fruit
E9 Colin Wendy Dray H/M Metal products
E10 Monica Corser (Bernie) Retyred –  furniture from tyres
E11 Jenny Booth    Woven at the Point
E12 Chris Tsembis SeaTea Records 
E14 Ruby Gerhard The Bodhi Tree-  Coffee
E15 Jamila Chapman Baked pastries, gluten free
E21 Ian Campbell
Hot n Tasty 4U relishes FOOD
E23 Anthony & Georgia Firth h/m art, textured garden pots, t-shirts
E25 Anne De Nooijer Crystal jewellery, h/m bags from recycled material.
E28 John Robson Bottled Black Sauce
E29 Paul Dainty  Blue Gems Jewellery
E30 Mitch/Megan Hyde Hydes Hides by M&M  – Leather
E41 Bryan Duffy
Danube Glass Hand made , mouth blown glass

F SECTION – Ford St & Creek Lane (east side of market)

F1 Steve – Peter Cserepanyi  My Twin Loaves German Sourdough Bread
F2 Julie McRae  h/m teacosies
F3 Tz Perreault conscious cravings jewellery
F4 Susan McCowan  ladies large fashion clothes
F6 Bill \Lily Thornton  Katie Bonsai’ ladies clothes
F8 Chris Moloantoa Talula Freshwater Pearls
F9 Shanti Wade Apriche – h/m clothes, jewellery, vintage
F10 Aaron Armstrong Mr Hemp products
F11 Andrew Ings Retro Signs
F14 Euni Drake  h/m glass lanterns bali
F15 Adelle Gould  Keiki Folk – h/m Baby clothing & accessories
F16 Kirstie Person Luv Ivy h/m leather wallets, bags
F17 Trent Bliss Local photography prints
F20 Geoff Haycraft Indian bedspreads
F21 Christopher Porteous Lightheart wood carving tools, glasses
F24 Vickie Zandvliet toys,dreamcatchers,caps, clothes
F26 Peter Elzer shoes & glasses  
F28 Kathy Stevens h/m crystal, stone jewellery
F30 Tulli Stevens  Intricate artwork
F31 Jean Taylor  Soap & lotions
F32 Kim Staples Kim with Love Crochet 
F33 Liz Boleyn  vintage clothes
F35 Rhawnie Ray h/m wooden and pottery homewares, vases, bowls, candle holders
F36 Tom Hobson  Gut Instinct Kombucha  
F37 Rhonda/Ray Warwick  Fishing gear and handmade clothing.
F39 Damien/Sue-Ellen Elks Glenreagh Beekeeping & Honey
F40 JoJo Tonnaer h/m jewellery crystals/ empowering readings 
F41 Laurel Kerr Namche Bazar h/m paper Nepal
F42 Charlotte Corin-Hall Rainbow Tie-Die Clothes
F43 Michele Matthews-Potter  Framed pic arts/crafts. 
F45 Denise Bentley Denny’s Bags & Baskets
F47 Wendy Lock  Curry traders
F49 Eve Smith unique beads/Jewellery
F50 Heather Rouse Children’s clothing
F51 Terry/Deb Everingham Wood carved animals