Site Fees

Permanent fees are paid one Market month in advance and are non refundable.

The below table shows stall fees for permanent and casual sites.

Food sites and hot food sites incur an additional cost as does insurance if you don’t have any.

Fees are collected on market day

Permanent Site Insured TradersUninsured Traders
2 Metre $27$37
3 Metre $33$43
Casual SiteInsured TradersUninsured Traders
2 Metre$33$43
3 Metre$41$51
Over 3 metres$8 per metre
FOOD SITES$13 extra on above rates
2 Metre$36$55
3 Metre$52$72
4 Metre$66$84
5 Metre$84$102
6 Metre$99$117
7 Metre$116$132
Electricity $17 extra
Bona Fide Charities1/2 price of the above