Stall Holder Information

Every stallholder who starts at the BCM comes as a casual stallholder. After a year of continual attendance permanency can be applied for. Permanent stall holder forms can be picked up from our info centre (brick building near lions club) building known as “the grotto”. Or just ask our friendly staff. Alternatively email us and we will send you a form. 

Expressions of interest and casual stall bookings are taken via  our webpage at . 

For all enquiries other than bookings please email   or ring 6655 2151 and we will get back to you ASAP.

If you dont have access to the internet please ring 6655 2151 and  clearly leave the following information:

  • your full name
  • landline & mobile numbers
  • description of goods or service
  • required stall size
  • if you are insured or not
  • if you are food what certificates do you have

Booking confirmation

Once your stall is confirmed you will be allocated a section and given a stall number which must be given to stall coordinator on entry. 


Uninsured traders can obtain sites with an extra charge to cover.

Insured traders must show a certificate of currency with a minimum of $10 million cover. This must be sight by Stall Coordinator at every market attendance.

Gate opening times

Time Action
6.30 – 7.15am Gates open at 6.30am. Permanent stallholders are sited first, then casuals come in. Sites not occupied by 7.30am will be re-allocated by Section Coordinator and filled by a replacement stall. Please queue at the gate advised when booked and line up no later than 7.15am. BCM reserve the right to relocate casual stallholders to another section if required. Please drive very slowly whilst in park ground and be patient and considerate of all as its a busy time of morning
2.30pm-4.00pm Gates open again at 2.30pm to let stallholders out. Please do not bring your car in any earlier for everyones safety and please dirve very slowly whilst in grounds. Endeavour to be out of park by 4pm

bellingen community markets map


Permanent fees are paid one Market month in advance and are non refundable.

For a list of the latest BCM fees click here


  • No vehicles to enter market prior to 6.30am or 2.30pm
  • No unauthorised vehicles or trailers are to remain in market
  • Limit speed within the market park to a walking pace is vital
  • No vehicles to drive onto football field
  • Keep parking around the Market perimeter clear for Market visitors. Once you have unloaded your gear best to park in carpark behind Memorial Hall (north side) or in council swimming pool carpark.
  • Please abide by directives from market staff when within market, on entry and when leaving. They are there to help you.
  • All vehicles to vacate market no later than 4pm or as may be required/advised


  • Stallholders must carry and clearly display appropriate licences as required by local, state or federal laws and BCM Guidelines were applicable (e.g. food handlers, 2nd hand Dealers License, etc)
  • Stalls subject to checks from various authorities including: Ag Dept., Office of Fair Trading, Bellingen Shire Council, Health Dept. etc.

Food Traders

  • All operators are to clearly display all required licences/certificates etc Councils Health Inspector or equivalent authority.
  • All traders to provide recyclable containers, utensils, cups etc and display BCM Enviro certificate.
  • All heating appliances/fryers etc to be out of reach of public.
  • All electrical appliances and leads to be regularly inspected by a qualified electrician for compliance with OH&S requirements and tagged accordingly.
  • All gas bottles, appliances and lines to be regularly inspected by a qualified person for compliance with OH&S requirements and tagged accordingly.
  • Cleaning/Hygiene facilities to be provided.
  • Cold/hot storage facilities to be provided.
  • Appropriate Fire Extinguishers to be on hand.
  • Random checks from Health Department can be expected.
  • Please dispose of all your rubbish into the large rubbish skips.
  • Responsible for removal and disposal of all grey water.
  • Responsible for removal and disposal of any bulk waste.


  • All power cords to be at least 3m above ground.
  • All electrics to be regularly inspected by a qualified electrician for compliance with OH&S requirements and tagged accordingly.
  • Any power cords found to be running hot will be disconnected.
  • Stallholders can’t increase equipment/power use without prior application.
  • Stallholders should carry appropriate safety equipment eg extinguishers etc.
  • Stallholders to keep and maintain safety check log from electrician.
  • A power application form must be completed.
  • Stallholders will be allocated (one) power point so please do not plug in anywhere else.
  • Stallholders not complying to the above will be disconnected.
  • An additional fee is applicable for power.

Conduct & Conflict Resolution

  • As a Community Market we ask everyone conduct themselves in a cordial and mutually respectful manner.
  • All stallholders are asked to follow the directions of market staff.
  • Any issues, disputes or grievances between stallholders or with BCM Management and/or Staff should be brought to the Managers attention for resolution.
  • Management will deny attendance to, or remove from the Market any stallholder behaving in a manner considered to be dangerous or offensive to the public or deemed to reflect badly on BC’s reputation or contravenes BCM guidelines or is in breach of law.
  • If you wish to dispute a Management decision you can do so by addressing a letter to the, The Secretary, Bellingen Shire Residents Assoc PO Box 103 Bellingen 2454.


Permanent stallholders are required to attend each BCM

Permanent Stall holders must advise any absences prior to or by Wednesday (midnight) in the week prior to the 3rd Saturday of the month’s BCM. Failure to do so will result in a fee for the missed date. Failure to attend regularly may result in loss of permanent status. If a casual stallholder has been confirmed yet cant attend and doesn’t call to notify earlier than Wednesday before market, their next visit will also incur a missed stall fee.

We trust you appreciate and understand we hold your place for you at the market after you confirm. Due to the markets popularity not everyone is able to get in, so when you dont show up, your place is often left unused, leaving a big hole in the flow of diversity. PLEASE where ever possible email or ring to advise you can’t attend a market pre Wednesday before market.

Market Postponement or Cancellation

We are an all weather event. BCM will only cancel a regular 3rd Saturday of the month date if public safety or the park grounds are at risk by proceeding.

If a BCM is cancelled in advance our answering machine will carry any details. If prevailing conditions on the day threaten to pose a potential risk to public or grounds a decision will be made by the Market Manager. Gates will remain closed until the decision has been made no later than 7am, following consultation with Market Committee member/s, staff and a representative sampling of permanent stallholders.

If cancelled the market will go ahead on the following Saturday. ALL TRADERS (casual and permanent) must then reconfirm their site by calling the BCM Office on the Monday following the cancelled BCM. Permanents need only call, give their name, site number and confirm their intention to attend. Casuals will need to re-book.

Should the re-scheduled BCM also result in a cancellation then our next BCM will revert to the usual 3rd Saturday of the coming month.

No fees apply if a BCM has been cancelled. However if the decision is made to proceed with the market and you choose not to attend, you will be recorded as not attending and be required to pay the stall fee for that day at the next month’s BCM.

Answering machine will carry details or information updates.

Please see wet weather guideline sheet.

Waste & Recycling

BCM actively support the environment, encouraging waste minimisation and recycling through our Waste Management Scheme.

You are asked to minimise unnecessary packaging, use only recyclable containers, cups, straws, utensils etc and encourage customers to dispose of these in the correct coloured bin.

Cardboard boxes are to be flattened and taken to the bulk skip provided.

Disposal of Grey water is your responsibility and must not be let run off into streams and watercourses within Market grounds.

General Guidelines

  • Permanent stallholders undertake to attend each BCM.
  • Cut off time for Permanents site allocation is 7.30am. Sites are not held reserved after this time.
  • Sites are not the property of stallholders and cannot be bought, sold, hired, leased, rented or traded in any way.
  • The market Manager must be advised of any changes being considered to product lines other than those originally noted on application form.
  • All stallholders are responsible for leaving site clear and rubbish free before departing.
  • Permanent status provides for a permanent admission to a site at each market. A site is allocated by the Manager who reserves the right to relocate that site if required.
  • No Cats or Dogs on Market Day.
  • No animals or livestock can be sold at BCM.
  • No Generators.
  • No Open Fires
  • Manager reserves the right to deny access to Bellingen Community Market to any stallholder on the grounds of product/service, safety, health, space restrictions within park or guidelines breach.
  • The BSRA reserves the right to alter times, sites, guidelines at little or no notice.
  • Smile, have a great day and happy trading