Thanks for helping keep our community free of covid.

To attend our market please:

  • Do not attend if unwell
  • Download the QR code on your mobile phone to register attendance (not compulsory)
  • Read the Covid-19 Safety Information here
  • Download Covid-19 Safety App (not compulsory)  Covid safety app
  • There is only 3 main entrances open – A/B on Church St, C/D on Park St, E/F on Ford St
  • The smaller gates on Creek Lane, Ford and Park St are blocked off, along with the roundabout gates on Church St.
  • The main gates will be sectioned off for entry and exit.  Please keep left
  • Follow the directional signs around park to ensure a smooth flow
  • Keep 1.5m distance from others, especially when lining up for food
  • Cough or sneeze into your arm
  • Sanitize your hands upon entry and throughout your walk around park. (stallholders have sanitizer on their tables)
  • Wash your hands regulary
  • Have a great day

For all stallholders:

Create your own Covid19 Safety Plan before attending 

  • Line up in morning as per usual (see separate instructions)
  • Keep 1.5m social distancing
  • Wear gloves,wash and sanitize hands regularly
  • We recommend you wear a mask
  • Supply sanitizer on your table for customers
  • Wipe/spray products and surfaces with disinfectant throughout day
  • Make signs asking visitors to sanitize and keep 1.5m distance
  • Only 2 people in a 3m stall and 4 in a 6m stall and so on
  • Please have right money for stall fee  
  • Adhere to all signage around park. There are a few “one ways”
  • Report any unsafe practices to Coordinators or Manager
  • Take away your rubbish at end of day. Please don’t place in our skip bins
  • Unfortunately we may have to move some stall sites to accommodate the changes.
  • Read “What you Can and Cant Do” during Covid-19   Covid rules
  • Have a great day

For food stallholders:

  • Always follow strict hygeine and have sanitizer at your stall
  • Don’t allow visitors to congregate at your stall
  • Encourage customers to take food away to eat
  • Takeaway food utensils and plates must be recyclable. No plastics  !
  • Food making utensils/plates to be washed in hot soapy water
  • Create traffic flow strategies for ordering and collecting food
  • Place big bright dots or alike on ground so customers queue 1.5m apart
  • Have a great day

With your support anything is possible.

Please be vigilant with safety and hygeine and ensure everyone distances 1.5m

Thanks for heleping us stay safe n’ sound n’ happy on market day and continue to operate every month.