Staying Covid Safe at BCM

Important Health Information

>>> Read the latest guidelines NSW Health for non-food markets

>>> Read what you can and cant do in a pandemic  Covid rules

The BCM staff are here to assist on the day. Please listen to and follow their directives when in the park.

Thank you for helping keep our community & regional NSW Covid free

Covid Guidelines for attending BCM

>> If you are from a designated hotspot please do not attend <<

  • Do not attend if unwell
  • Cough or sneeze into your arm
  • QR Code Register your attendance (highly recommended)
  • Wear a mask (highly recommended)
  • Download  Covid safety app (highly recommended) 
  • Social Distancing Keep 1.5m distance from others or wear a mask
  • Sanitize your hands upon entry and throughout your walk around park. (sanitizer available at various locations around the park)

Accessing and getting around the BCM Park

  • Use one of the 3 main entrances:
    • Church St
    • Park St,
    • Ford St
  • The main gates will be sectioned off for entry & exit.  Please keep left
  • Follow the directional signs around park to ensure a smooth flow.
    • There are a few “one ways”

Additional Covid guidelines for stallholders:

Create your own Covid19 Safety Plan before attending 

  • Food stalls to:
    • provide queueing, and traffic flow strategies e.g. entry & exit 
    • place big bright dots or alike on ground (1.5m apart)
    • Wear gloves, wash and sanitize hands regularly
    • Follow all hygiene protocols for food service
    • Encourage customers to take food away to eat
  • Supply sanitizer at your stall for customers
  • Wipe/spray products and surfaces with disinfectant throughout day
  • Ensure capacity limits on your stall:
    • 2 people in a 3m stall and
    • 4 in a 6m stall and so on
  • Don’t allow visitors to congregate at your stall

Please be vigilant with your safety & hygiene and thanks for helping us stay safe every month.

Spread the word and not the virus……..

Have a great day 🙂