Saturday 15 MAY 2021

Bellingen Community Markets proudly presents live music every month and welcomes buskers to join us throughout the park.

During these crazy COVID times please do not gather in front of stage.

The grassy bank and football oval is a bigger space to sit, eat and listen to music.

See below what’s coming up.

Hope to  see you soon


Unison are a fresh sound for the Coffs Coast. Formed in 2018, Unison are Julia Wilson on vocals, keyboards and guitars, Marty Bouma on vocals, bass guitar and guitars and John Burnip on drums and vocals. Playing original melodic pop rock music, Unison pride themselves on being a democratic outfit where all voices are heard and everybody brings something to the table. In the spirit of this camaraderie, Unison are constantly writing, recording and producing new material adding to their ever growing repertoire of original music. True to their name, Unison are an interwoven melting pot of ideas and inspiration which results in a satisfying blend of melody, harmony and rhythm. Well thought out, catchy tunes with lyrics that listeners can relate to, including sincere love songs, sarcasm and irony, as well as songs about life and its many twists and turns. Listen and download some of Unison’s music and if you get a chance to catch them playing live on the Coffs Coast, don’t miss it, you won’t be disappointed.

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Dawn Song has been providing quality care for the Bellingen and surrounding communities for the past 28 years.

We offer a nurturing and homelike environment that supports your child’s needs, providing a range of creative, active and open-ended experiences that recognise, value and support the uniqueness of each child.

Our team is dedicated in providing quality care, bringing expansive knowledge and experience. We provide an Early Years Program and a Pre School Program delivered by Certificate III, Diploma and Bachelor of Teaching (Early Childhood) trained educators.

We offer extended hours (8 – 5.30) and Child Care Subsidy to eligible families.

Our image of the child is one of capability and competence.

Please contact us on 6655 2304.

The Dawnsong crew will be on the gates welcoming visitors and raising needed funds for their wonderful projects. Please support them where you can.

Help us collect green waste, bottles and cans

We have commenced collecting green waste, bottles and cans.

There will be special bins marked clearly in our 3 food areas so please use the right bin for your waste.

Thanks for your support


Why Compost?

Compost is nutrient dense broken down organic material returned to the earth to give soil needed vitality, encourage worms, good bacteria, fungi and grow happy, healthy delicious food.

Compost is made from your food scraps and garden waste  which  makes up more than 30 percent of what we toss in our red bins.  It’s vital we keep green waste out of landfills as it      ends up releasing the potent greenhouse gas methane.

PLEASE help us collect green waste to make COMPOST,

your gardens, plants and kids depend on it

To learn how to make a compost google it as there’s lots of info on there.


Click here to learn more


Thanks and have a great day