16 October 2021 Market goes ahead

Hi there lovely BCM permanent stallholders.

You are receiving this because you are in our permanent stallholder database.

At this stage we are going ahead on Saturday 16 October 2021.

I would like to sincerely apologise for the last minute cancellation last month. Sadly it was out of our control with regulatory bodies placing a 500 visitor restriction on the market at the 11th hour, and saying it will be policed.

As we all know, we regularly get 1000’s of people, so this was absurd, unachieavable and impossible to manage, so the committee made the hard decision to cancel.

My heart went out to all you foodies, who worked hard all week, preparing and buying up big for our big market. You must have made a huge loss and I can only imagine you were not happy. I am so sorry. May you make a motza at our next three big upcoming markets.

We have a meeting with Council, Police and Health Dept on Monday 11 October (that’s the soonest we could get) to lay our cards on the table and discuss the best way to positively move forward for the good of all.

In the meantime I keep on keeping on and continue to organise the market ready to shake, shimmer and shine, hopefully with your wonderful presence on Saturday 16 October.

Will you be joining us?

If NOT, please send me an email info@bellingenmarkets.com.au or sms 0400 261 693 asap.

We remain positive about our meeting on the 11th October as in our past communications with Police and Health Dept, they were aok with our market going ahead under the 4 sqm rule, mask wearing and signing in (which we have been doing all the way along).

I will let you know on Monday 11th latest if anything changes.

Our Facebook and webpage is updated regularly with changes, so this is the place to go to find out what’s happening.

A few people have contacted me asking if they have to be double vaxed to come to our market (stallholders and patrons). Well this is the first I have heard of such a thing, and I cant imagine this would happen in our spacious outdoor event, maybe this is for hotspots?

Anyway….. I’m sure to know more after our meeting Monday 11th

It’s been a couple of crazy months without a market and I miss you all. It’s time to recoupe and celebrate what we love about Bello Markets.

Join me in crossin our fingers and toes, manifesting good and smiling with joyful optimism 🙂 See you soon.

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Kaz Selbie


Bellingen Community Markets

M: 0400 261 693

E: info@bellingenmarkets.com.au