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Bellingen Community Markets

20 August 2022 Newsletter

Welcome to Bellingen Community Markets

Trust you have had a smooth yet productive week, and ready for a big and beaut big Bello Market day. Even though slightly chilly, the weather has been divine, the grounds are dry and ready for your tender and caring footprint.

You probably noticed a TV camera wandering around last month? This was channel 7 with Greg Granger and his show is Travel Oz. The market footage, along with much more was aired on channel 7TWO last Saturday . Hope you saw it, if not I’m trying to get a copy from council so I can share. They had a good session on the markets and it looked great.

We got a whopping 46,100 reach on last month’s Facebook post so thanks to everyone for liking and sharing. It really does make a difference and feel free to recommend Bellingen Community Markets or give a google review. It all helps spread the good word.

Thanks to everyone joining us on Saturday. Have the best day.

Keep smiling


Image above is the clever work of Doug Watson from Banksia Woodworks, longtime stallholder on east side


joining us on the mainstage from 10am

Often described as “organic rock”, Unison’s style is infectious and their tight grooves interwoven with catchy melodies always entertains. Unison are a dynamic and experienced live music act who play a perfect blend of feel good tunes. Drawing from a wide pool of experience, Unison chooses songs that are tailored to suit any venue which makes Unison very adaptable to any venue’s size, patronage or situation.

Formed in 2018, Unison began as a trio exclusively playing originals and as such, they are available as a support act for touring musicians. However, Unison have since incorporated an extensive list of covers featuring artists such as Fleetwood Mac, The Eurythmics, Amy Winehouse, The Eagles, to name a few. Unison’s self-produced debut album has also received warm world-wide reviews with regular airplay on local, national and international independent radio stations.

Jules – Julia Wilson grew up on the Coffs Coast surrounded by musical influences including rock, folk, indy and pop music. Playing live since she was 14, Jules has been writing, performing and championing the cause of original music in the Coffs Harbour area with a number of acts over this time. Since meeting Marty and John, Jules has excelled as one of the founding members of Unison.

Marty – Born and bred in Brisbane, Marty Bouma has been performing original music since he was 16. Marty spent the late 1980s and 90s playing blues rock in the iconic Brisbane music scene with original acts such as Blackwater and Wizard. He moved to Coffs Harbour in the early 2000s and has been playing original music and covers in the local scene since this time, teaming up with John Burnip in a cover band in 2011.

John – John Burnip has been playing in bands in the UK since he was 16. John was a founding member of the UK band “Mr Big” recording 2 albums and releasing numerous singles on Epic, EMI and Arista records over a 5-year period. He has worked in music management for Hit and Run music in London looking after the band Broken Home who recorded 2 albums for WEA records. John moved to Australia in 2006, deciding to settle on the Coffs Coast where his passion for music was regenerated.

Ian – Guitarist Ian Cameron comes to Unison with a checkered musical past, having served a six-string apprenticeship in bush and bluegrass bands before being lured into the original punk/power-pop scene in Canberra and Sydney. Drawn to the Coffs Coast to surf in the 1980s, he’s played in a string of club, pub and event acts since then, names like Red Boat, Ripple Soul, Dr Sax and the Kroo, Felmelo and Deep Six.

Click on following link to hear Unison.

Kalang River Forest Alliance

The Kalang River Forest Alliance is our community group and will be on the gates welcoming all. Please give generously where you can.

The Kalang River Forest Alliance was formed over six years ago to protect the native forests of Kalang Headwaters from industrial scale logging. The aim is to protect the cultural heritage values, the incredible biodiversity, store carbon and provide new tourism and recreational opportunity by adding these forests to the national park estate.

NSW Forestry Corporation is planning to log large areas of these very steep slopes next month. The planned coups are located on highly erodible soils, that are extremely susceptible to mass movement and landslides that would cause irreversible pollution and  sedimentation of the Kalang, Bellingen and Nambucca Rivers. These forests are homes to many rare and endangered species including: Silky Milkpods, Scrub trupetines, Koalas, Greater gliders, Yellow bellied glider, Long nosed potaroos, Glossy, Black cockatoos and Rufous scrub birds. The State elections are only months away. Now is the time to speak out for a world where forests, rivers, humans and wildlife thrive.

To learn more click on below links:


They will be on the gates welcoming all,  so please support their important work.

How to find us

Market day procedure

Please carry out the following on market day.

  • Read our stallholder guidelines and know exactly what’s expected of you on the day.
  • Click on following link to read  stallholder guidelines
  • Permanents enter park at 6.30am and before 7am.
  • Casuals enter park after the permanents, generally at 6.45am. 
  • Please line up as indicated on the map.
  • Our crew will show casuals where to go.
  • Be considerate of local residents and line up quietly in morning.
  • Drive at walking pace inside market and NEVER drive on football oval.
  • Park close to your stall so other cars can pass.
  • Unpack quickly then take your car out.
  • Park a couple of streets away so visitors can park closer.
  • Return to set up your stall, ready for a great day.
  • Give the correct money when paying stall fees.
  • Report any incidents to your Coordinator or Manager.
  • Gates open 2.30pm to leave.
  • No cars to enter the park before 2.30pm. 
  • Pack all your gear up before retrieving your car.
  • If you want to leave earlier please walk your gear out. 
  • Plastics are not permitted.
  • Take home all your rubbish and waste.
  • Please be out of the park by 4pm.
  • Most importantly…. have a good day of trade and social.

Thanks for your cooperation and support

See new stall fees below:

Next to Bello Markets this Saturday, check out all the action happening in Bellingen over the next few months

Bellingen Spring Plant Fair Saturday 10 September

Put this day in your diary and rejoice at a large range of plants with lots of natives. There’s nothing better than being around nature, coming home with a car load of plants and spending glorious time in our garden. Good reason to visit the Bellingen Spring Plant Fair and plant up big this spring.

For more information please go to

Thanks for reading our newsletter and we look forward to seeing you very soon.


Kaz Selbie


Bellingen Community Markets


M: 0400 261693

Bellingen Community Markets 16 July 2022

Tulli Stevens Art

Good evening to you and welcome to another wonderful month at Bellingen Community Markets. Trust you had a good month, doing what you love and loving what you do. Hope you’ve been lapping up the glorious, warming and healing sunshine. It’s nice to get back to some kind of normal and a big thanks for your perseverence and support.

This is Muni, an industriously happy and friendly stallholder selling interesting vintage items in C section.

A full and fabulous market is organised for our school holiday Saturday, with an interesting and diverse array of stalls.

Thanks to the permanent stallholders who notified early they can’t come. This really does help us organise a full market, AND a full market is a good market. Who doesn’t love the glorious colours, scents, textures and friendly vibes emitting from all angles.

You’re going to love the eclectic Deep Blue Sea who join us on the main stage from 10am to 2.30m

The Fernmount Fire Brigade helps us set up and pack down and welcomes all at the gates. They may even bring their fire engine.

Kids activities have been slim pickings with jumping castles and mechanical swings proving too dangerous. We are therefore focusing more on organic, interactive fun for kids. This month we have three beautiful women all sharing their creative talents and entertainment with children. Simone has her big bubble artistry, Jesse comes with hula hooping, and Luberri will be facepainting and sharing circus props. All very hands on activities kids can do harmoniously together, and make new friends. You will find these actives on west of oval.

Have a wonderful market. Dont forget, smile and take heed, we are all here for good reason, so make the most of it.


The Deep Blue Sea

We especially love the eclectic Deep Blue Sea, who play from 10am-2.30pm on the main stage.

Unashamedly deep rooted in the blues genre, The Deep Blue Sea take full advantage of the diverse rhythmic blues. They shift effortlessly between hard driving chicago blues to sweet soulful delta, cool funky jazz and electrifying latin styles. The band have developed their own authentic blues sound.This eclectic, arty, jazzy, blues, funk band will get you moving.

Fernmount Fire Brigade welcomes you

The NSW Rural Fire Service (NSW RFS) is the world’s largest volunteer fire service. They are made up of more than 70,000 dedicated volunteers right across NSW. With 31 members and 18 active firefighters, they are ready to respond to emergencies, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. They attend a range of incidents from bush and grass fires to house and structure fires, road accidents and assisting at other events like floods, storms and searches.

For more information about joining the Fernmount RFS please call 0402 281 897 or 0409 490 095.T

The Fernmount Fire Brigade will be helping us set up and pack down and welcoming visitors at the gates, so please give generously where you can.

Beautiful image below is looking out to west Bellingen by Jannete Lovell


Channel 7 are coming to our market on Saturday. They arrive around 10am for a walk around, so watch out for them. Bellingen Council is making a television advertisement letting everyone know how wonderful Bellingen is and our market is a big part of this – yippy ! and as they say……

Bellingen Community Markets, not just a marketplace, but a great place, to be ! not for dogs though !

We are a DOG FREE market

Last month saw lots of dogs at our market, even though we had our ‘no dog’ signs at all the gates. We love dogs too but due to the size of our market we have a ‘no dog’ policy. We will be speaking with Council to see how we can get the message across more clearly. Please let your friends and family know, it’s best to leave their pooch at home on market day. thanks.

Stall fee increase

After much diliberation, stall fees have been raised. We havn’t had an increase for many years and our expenses (like yours) have been constantly rising. So as from our August market, stall fees will be as below.

Please note: if you don’t want to incur a missed stall fee, the final date for advising you cant attend is now the Monday before the market. It’s best to send an email or sms as early as possible and not leave it to the Monday before. The earlier you advise the better. It gives us ample of time to refill the site and allows us to have a full market. The same also applies to casuals, who confirm their site but don’t cancel before the Monday before, or they don’t show up. Please do not advise through Facebook as this can be missed. We appreciate your committment and clear, prompt communication.

Check out the BIMF. It’s held the same weekend as our market, and they have lots of very cool music. Click on following link to find out more.

Looking forward to Bellingen Community Markets being dry, dynamic, and doggone delightful.

see you soon 🙂

we are connected – the same but different – going with the flow in the circle of life


Kaz Selbie – Manager

Bellingen Community Markets

M: 0400 261693


Bellingen Community Markets – 18 June 2022

Stallholder Newsletter

Welcome to our 18 June Bellingen Community Markets, reported as one of the largest, most diverse and best markets on the north coast of NSW.

It’s so good to see less rain and more sunshine, even though the temperature has dropped to become a very cooooool winterrrrrr ! Hope your keeping warm.

It’s been a while since we’ve had sunny weather and dry grounds, so I can’t help but get excited for Saturday and hope you feel the same.

We have a full and fabulous market of diverse and interesting stalls. A big welcome to our casual stallholders. We hope you love Bello Markets as much as we do. Apologies to those who didnt get in. Sadly over these wet months we’ve had to reduce the stalls on the east side, so until the grounds dry completely, we’re restricted with stall numbers. Please keep trying if this is you.

It’s great to see more locals join us with their unique and wonderful creations. It’s absolutely, positively fantastic our regular and loyal permanents are keen to be part of our market every month. You make Bellingen Community Markets what it is and we thank you wholeheartedly for your ongoing support.

Our lovely Merv Brownlee has left the market team, venturing onto something a little more relaxing. He wants to retire, play golf and be a market visitor. Merv has been with us for many years. He was a wonderful ambassador for our market and did a good job setting up, looking after C/D traffic and welcoming all with his gregarious ways. A big thanks and cheers to Merv! You will be missed. If you see Merv on the street please let him know he is loved.

We have a lovely peaceful picture of Merv.

Please read the rest of our newsletter to ensure you know what to do on Saturday.

Have a fabulous market and enjoy the good vibe under the sunshine.

Look forward to seeing you soon.

Kaz Selbie

Bellingen Community Markets

M: 0400 261693


Cool local music……..


JuiceBox are a captivating fusion of free spirited Funk, Soul and Disco, with Guitar, Bass, Drums, keys and a smooth sax as the foundation for poetic lyrics and spicy improvisations. They bring their infectious groove and arrangements, giving life to unique original compositions with strong social and environmental themes.  See them on the mainstage from 10am-2.30pm.

Kalang Fire Brigade

They are still out there, dressed up as bananas, watching for smoke, and having a break during this  La Nina wetness. In the meantime, they are our community group of the month and love helping out at Bello Markets, assisting with the setup and cleanup, welcoming all to the market, and shaking the buckets to raise money for brigade expenses and equipment. Y’all be safe and generous now!

Please carry out the following:

Thanks for your patience when setting up in the moring. We do our best to get you in quickly and smoothly and also need you help to make this happen, therefore please carry out the following:

  • Permenent stallholders arrive 6.30am
  • Casual stallholders arrive at 6.45am
  • There are no covid restrictions, but please be aware and stay safe
  • Please respect residents by not blocking driveways and being quiet while waiting in morning
  • Drive at walking pace when inside market and never drive on the footy oval
  • Park close to your stall when unpacking, so other cars can easily pass
  • Quickly unpack your gear and move your car outside of the park, further away so your customers can park closer.
  • Return and set up your stall. Your gear will be safe while you are briefly away
  • NO CARS to remain in the park unless have prior permission
  • Dont use plastics. Food vendors must use biodegradable utensils, cups and plates
  • When leaving in the afternoon, please pack first before getting your car
  • Take home all your rubbish. Please dont fill out skip bins.
  • We open gates at 2.30pm to go home and please be out of the park by 4pm
  • Once again, when packing up, park close to your stall so other cars can pass
  • Sometimes there are delays in the moring so thanks for your patience and following crew directives
  • Please report any market positives or negatives to the Manager or Section Coordinator.
  • If we don’t know about a problem we cant find a solution
  • If we know you like something, we are encouraged to continue – thanks
  • Casuals need to fill out the booking form on our webpage, every month to apply. This is because you go into a database that also sends you my newsletter, and we dont want you to miss out.
  • Casuals please reply to the booking email I send you with site number and instruction. I need to know you understand and will attend. thanks.
  • Please advise before the Wednesday before the market (latest) if you cant come.

Stall fees:

2 metre           $27$33
3 metre        $33$41
Insurance extra$10 
Over 3 mtrs/extra per mtr      $8 
Eat @ Park Food sites$13 extra  
NFP Charities1/2 price on above 
All food, skin products & massage must have their own insurance  
3 meter        $52 
4 meter                       $66 
5 meter                   $84 
6 meter                     $99 
Electricity                $17 per outlet 

Please have the correct money ready as we come around about 10am to collect your stall fee. We are limited change, this is why we ask you have the correct cash to give us. thanks

Missed stall fee

It costs a lot of money to run our market every month and expenses have been rising. We need to ensure a certain amount of stalls every month to pay our expenses and of late this has not been happening. With more sunshine and drier grounds, we will get back full swing and thriving in no time.

We definitely understand and sympathise with those affected in these unprecidented times, but we must still communicate and adhere to market directives to help us be sustainable over these challenging times.

Over the last few months many stalls have been advising late or not at all, they can’t come. This is a big NO NO. When you book and confirm, we hold the site for you so it’s disappointing when you dont attend. Someone else could have had this site. Please let me know asap if you cant attend and if you know early in the month, let me know too.

All stallholders attending our market agree to our Terms and Conditions, where it states, you must to let us know if you cant attend, and to do so before the Wednesday before the market. If you let us know after this, or don’t let us know at all, you will be charged a missed stall fee at your next market, this now includes casuals.

Clear, prompt and respectful communication goes a long way and helps us have a full, fabulous, well run market, so thanks for your understanding and cooperation.

We’re looking forward to a busy, beautiful, sun shining market day with lots of visitors because it’s school holidays.

Come PREPARED, POSITIVE AND PASSIONATE to have the best day.

Bellingen Community Markets 21 May 2022

Stallholder’s Newsletter

Welcome to our May 2022 Newsletter and Bellingen Community Markets update for Saturday 21 May.

Thanks to everyone who booked and sorry to those who didnt get in. Due to the wet grounds we’ve had to reduce the spaces on east side of park, so less sites available.

I’m sure you will agree, it has been crazy with all this rain, so much water, everywhere. Last month was chaotic on our east side, with several getting bogged. We managed to pull everyone out, the sunshine appeared and most had the best day. BUT we don’t want to do that again and I’m sure you would agree. Sorry to all who had to combat mud and mess.

I checked park today and the east side grounds are still soaked, so I’m in the process of contacting stallholders from E & F section to see if they wan’t to attend or cancel. If your from another section and want to cancel, now is the time to do it so I can reposition the stalls from E & F section, if they want to still come. Thanks for your support on this.

Please also ensure you read all our communication and follow instruction on the morning. PLEASE DON’T drive on the soggy grass. If unsure check it. Your section coordinator will let you know before you enter.

The BOM weather site is a good one to check out if unsure – click here. Unsurprisingly, it does say more rain is coming 🙁

Nevertheless, as an all weather market, if the grounds hold up (other than E & F sections) , we’re happening, but please come prepared for anything.

We stay eternally optimistic and look forward to a dry market day and better still a few good dry days beforehand. Because as we know, the weatherman doesnt always get it right.

Have a wonderful week and market day.

The cool bird above is created by Wendy Tanner who shares with Colin Dray in E section. Unfortunately they wont be at our market on Saturday, but will be at the show doing a demonstration.

If your a permanent, don’t forget to let me know if you can’t attend this Saturday. If your a casual and can’t attend please also advise. Best to do this now by emailing or smsing M: 0400 261693 Kaz.

All stallholders – I highly recommend you bring some kind of flooring (carpet, cardboard, tarp etc) for the bottom of your marquee, just in case it’s muddy.

Our entertainment & community group are…….

Burning Hands

Raised on Mississippi Moonshine and rattlesnake venom.

New Zealand born  Guitarist and songwriter Kristan “ Burning Hands” Burnnand is the founder and producer of the group Burning Hands.

A graduate of the Wellington school of Music. Kristan has both worked as a music teacher and performer internationally for over 20 years.

In 2020 the Burning Hands quartet toured Europe.

A socially conscious blues and roots inspired musician partnered with raw driving distorted Harmonica by his musical partner Flamin lips Duff.

Burning hands has released two Studio albums : At the crossroads and Saints and sinners and a recent live release.

Known best for their live  performances full of humour,  high energy and virtuoso improvisation.

See and hear them on stage from 10am – 2.30pm

Bellingen High School P&C Is our community group for Markets

The Parent and Community (P&C) association at Bellingen High School is a collaborative volunteering effort between parents and staff who work to improve the experience of our students as they learn and grow into well-rounded citizens. The Bellingen P&C is an pro-active consultative group engaging with educational decisions in our school. Over the past few years, the P&C has worked on initiatives such as lighting for the musicals and takes on a strong role in fundraising for the school. We are proud to be associated with such a diverse school; Bellingen High is a regional leader in sport, music, agriculture and academic competitions such as the regional philosothon. As well as catering for the broad needs of its students, Bellingen High has also achieved the highest per captia HSC results in the Coffs Harbour area for the past two years.

Come and support the Bellingen High P&C on Saturday 21 May as parents, student leaders & students will be standing at the gates with donation buckets to raise funds. When you see them, please say hello and support them where you can.

Simone the Big Bubble lady returns to Bellingen Community Markets

Found on the west of footy oval, Simone has a great set up giving children amazing bubble wands to blow very big bubbles to their hearts content. They are amazing!

Bellingen Show is also on this Saturday, at the Showground. I’m hoping the two will compliment each other, especially now entry to the Show is free. Let’s encourage everyone to attend both, enjoying Bellingen’s beauty, good vibe, and bustling activity.

Look forward to seeing you soon, regards, Kaz

Bellingen Community Markets April 2022

Stallholder’s Newsletter

Welcome to our April Easter Market. Hope you had a wonderful month and have planned for a fantastic market day.

We have endured erratic weather, floods and covid, and continue to power on, doing what we love. Surely we are at the tail end of such adversity and better times are coming. Well done on your endurance and keeping your sanity.

While optimistically waiting for the weather to improve… hahaha… it didnt take long to book a full park of fabulous stalls, along with some political groups, ready to answer questions before the upcoming elections. The Great Koala National Park Group will be there as will the RSL Anzac Appeal crew, so please support them where you can.

We we’re looking forward to the Easter Bunny joining us, alas she got covid, so is tucked away healing. Our good wishes go out to her. I never underestimate the power of sharing LOVE and CHOCOLATE, so my crew will come to the rescue and endow you all. Please be extra kind and cooperative with them 🙂 They are a good, hardworking bunch.

Upon checking the park today, it has held together well, other than some puddles on the west side and very wet grass on the east, near oval. We will be filling the puddles with gravel and avoiding the very wet grass on east , so…..

All stallholders entering from Ford St, please please stick to the path and park your car in front of stall to unload. You will be wise not to drive or park behind. It is too soggy and it wont take many cars passing over it to make it boggy. It’s vital you understand and follow these instructions, so everyone has a good start to their day. 🙂

Let’s hope the next few days sees the grounds dry out even further. Once again we have one pathway coming out of D section, moving north along E Section and across to F section, which is a dead end and will encourage visitors to walk back the other way. Well that’s the plan anyway 🙂

If your a permanent stallholder, please advise today if you cant come. Thanks for your prompt attention on this. If you’re a casual and haven’t confirmed your site yet, please do so. Sorry to the casual stallholders who booked but didnt get in and please don’t hesitate to try again in the future. Our April Easter market proved to be very popular.

We’re wishing, hoping, manifesting a dry rest of week and day, complimented by sweet blues music, valuable community groups, good people and lots of easter holiday energy.

See you soon, Kaz Selbie, Bellingen Community Markets Manager

Bellingen Community Markets… not just a marketplace…

but a great place, to be 🙂

Whats coming up…………….

The Shufflemen

The Shufflemen are a three piece blues (and other hues) band based in the Coffs Coast and have a wealth of experience in most music genres. The band is fronted by lead singer and guitarist Tom Goodwin (Loose Cannons, Esmeralda), Gus Schroder (Tork, Blackshaws Beat, 4 th Avenue Band) bass and vocals with Phil Simon (Cutbacks, Kryptic, Tin Sandwich, Sideshow Men) drums and vocals.

An article in the Bellingen Courier-Sun described The Shufflemen as: “seriously good blues played with the passion it deserves”. With a mix of originals and covers the fun, laidback style of the band interacts well with venue patrons.

Click on following link to check them out

Hear and see them on the main stage from 10am – 2.30pm

Repton Fire Brigade

Repton RFS is the local fire brigade supporting Repton and Mylestom.  Active for over 30 years the brigade has three fire appliances over two stations.  The brigade has been thankfully quite on the wildfire front over the past months but been kept busy recently supporting the clean-up and providing community support initially in Lismore and more recently in Urunga, Mylestom and Coffs Harbour.  The brigade encourages new members who will join an active team with a real community first focus.

Click on the following link to read more about them

They will be on the gates welcoming all and shaking the bucket for donations, so please give where you can.

Needing some blue sky and sunshine?

Click here to listen to a lovely rendition of “Mr Blue Sky” by Pomplamoos. This well known song is originally by The Electric Light Orchestra. Try and sing it lots and bring some sunshine with you on Saturday.

Did you know……..

We are an all weather market. We only cancel if the grounds are unsafe. Sometimes you just can’t predict weather, so we ask you to be prepared for all extremes. Also, please attend when you have booked because we hold the site for you and often have a waiting list of keen stallholders.

Missed stall fees – Over the last few months there have been several permanent stallholders not letting us know they can’t come or they told us after the Wednesday. All stallholders attending our market must read our Terms and Conditions, where it states, it’s important to let us know if you cant come, before the Wednesday before the market. If you let us know after this, or don’t let us know at all, permanents are charged a missed stall fee at their next market. A casual who books and doesnt attend will be given another opportunity to make good. Clear, prompt and respectful communication goes a long way and helps us to have a full, welll run market, so thanks for your cooperation.

We certainly understand times have been tough. With covid, constant rain, and horrific floods, there has been much uncertainty and change. Therefore, under these challenging times, we have waivered all missed stall fees from past. It’s only fair we start afresh with clear and prompt communication, so both parties know what’s happening. Much appreciated and again thanks for communicating 🙂

And here’s some more important info

  • Permenent stallholders please arrive before 6.30am
  • Casual stallholders arrive at 6.45am
  • Even though there are no covid restrictions in place, please be aware and stay safe
  • Have you read our terms and conditions?
  • Please respect residents by not blocking driveways and being quiet while waiting in morning
  • Drive at walking pace when inside market and never drive on the footy oval
  • Park close to your stall when unpacking, so other cars can easily pass
  • Quickly unpack your gear and move your car outside of the park, preferrably a couple of streets away so your customers can park closer.
  • Return and set up your stall. Your gear will be safe when you are briefly away
  • When leaving in the afternoon, please pack first before getting your car.
  • We open gates at 2.30pm to go home.
  • Once again, when packing up, park close to your stall so other cars can pass
  • Please be out of the park by 4pm
  • Sometimes there are delays, so thanks for your patience and for following the crew directives

How to find us……

The above map shows you where to line up and what gate to enter.

I sent casuals an email with a booking number and instructions, so please refer to this and please reply back when you receive my email, confirming your attendance.

One of our lovely crew will be there on the morning to show you where to go.

The BCM crew and I, wish you and your family a very happy and harmonious Easter. Hope you get some time off to relax and enjoy. See you Saturday 🙂

Don’t they look delicious and isn’t this a great idea for making cookies. I’m sure you have many herbs and flowers in your garden but please make sure they are edible. You will be suprised how many are.

Bellingen Markets March 2022 Newsletter

Welcome one and all to our March 2022 Newsletter, in preparation for our fabulous market this Saturday.

Saldy we’ve had a run of adversity over the last 2 years with covid and now floods. Our hearts go out to those affected. We are so lucky to live in such caring and proactive communities.

With autumn in our midst it looks like we missed summer and it continues to rain. ALAS don’t let that put you off coming on Saturday, because as we have seen in the past, the weatherman doesnt always get it right and we often get a dry day, only raining just as we leave AND visitors are still keen to attend. As an all weather market we only cancel if grounds are unsafe, which is not the case this month, so please come prepared for all weather.

We no longer need our covid marshals so your fees have gone down. Thanks for your support over the last couple of years. I know everyone has been doing it tough.

We have several permanents away this month because they are trapped by flooding waters, or they are in Lismore helping the flood clean up or they are isolating because of covid. Hope all goes well for you and yours and we see you soon.

We’re looking forward to cooler, sunnier, healthier and happier days ahead with our regular monthly market celebration, especially this saturday with a good vibe of people and activity.

Thanks to everyone who is joining us and may you have the best day.


Kaz Selbie

Market Manager

PS: The beautiful coloured glass lanterns above are from the lovely Euni Drake in F section.

The Vallabama Slammers join us on the main stage from 10am

This fabulous three piece band bring people together to enjoy classic covers and great songs from the golden era of rock. Vallabama are the superstars of the party band format.

Playing with authenticity, they cover a wide range of country, blues and rock tunes from a time when the music industry carried the dreams of collective change. Vallabama’s repertoire stretches in a direct line from Johnny Cash to Hank III. There is blues from The Stones, and Stevie Ray Vaughan, and rock from The Clash to Joe Cocker. Reggae and Rockabilly as well.Geoff Littlemore plays guitar, grits and gravel vocals. Ric Smith is on bass and orchestration, Brett Barber is the groove keeper and falsetto. Together they are the VALLABAMA SLAMMERS

Bellingen River Agricultural Society – Bello Show

As our community group of the month they will be on the gates welcoming visitors and asking for donations so they can put on the BEST show ever. Please help them where you can.

For more information click here to go to their webpage or Facebook page

Recycling and composting

We’re excited to see Bellingen Council join us to help educate and motivate everyone on recycling and composting. They may even give us some ideas on how to better manage our waste. I believe they will be giving away small compost bins. You will find them near our hub.

To learn more please click here to go to their website

Community Groups @ Bello Markets

The Great Koala National Park join us again with an info stall, just before the bridge on east of tennis courts. The Bellingen and Nambucca Refugee Group are on the corner of D section. Lydia, a local Ukranian will be there raising money for the ‘Ukraine Crisis Appeal’ in B section and Simone with her bubbles is selling animals balloons with a % of profits going to flood victims. Bellingen Market loves supporting local community groups, helping them spread the word and raising needed funds for their valuable causes.

Beautiful bubbles and balloons

The lovely Simone with her big beautiful bubbles joins us again this Saturday. This time she is also bringing 2 pixies who make animals balloons, made from biodegradable latex (not plastic). % of profits will go to help flood victims. You will find Simone and her bubbles and balloons on the oval. Kids are encouraged to get involved.

The Saltwater Freshwater Festival

Lock it in your dairies, 28 May is the next Saltwater Freshwater Festival for 2022 at Unkya Reserve, Eungai Creek Rd, Eungai Creek. They are looking for hot food stalls and Aboriginal art and craft stalls. If you are interested and want to know more, click on the below link

Bello Markets Terms & Conditions

Have you read, understood and complied to the Bellingen Markets “Terms and Conditions” on our webpage? As a casual stallholder you ticked a box when booking to say you have read and agree. Its so important you read our emails and these conditions so you know what’s expected of you. This helps everyone’s day flow smoothly and be more enjoyable. When you receive your booking email from Kaz, please reply and confirm you are coming. thanks

The same goes for permanent stallholders who should know better. You also agreed to the terms and conditions so please familiarise yourselves with them again. Please try and give as much notice as possible when cancelling so we have ample time to refill your site with a casual.

When we are on the same page, we know what to expect and what’s expected of us, which allows us to do the right thing, and our day goes a whole stack smoother and enjoyable.

Thanks for your cooperation and if you are unsure about anything, just ask.

A/B section morning stall set up

Meet Jess, our charasmatic and diligent new A section Coordinator. Jess is a friendly soul and used to be a stallholder back in the day, so has a good understanding of what needs to be done. Do listen to his directive, while making him feel welcome and appreciated for the good job he is been doing.

Please be patient on Church St side, as we are working through a few traffic challenges, but it’s nothing we can’t sort out, with your help. We are working hard towards a positive solution when it comes to the traffic congestion in A and B areas of our market. We have invited some of our long standing permanent stalls to come in early (5.30-6am). If they miss this time they must line up with the casuals in Creek Lane, but hopefully they will be up front, because their time to arrive is 6.30am and casuals arrive at 6.45am. At 6.30am the coordinator will walk down the Creek Lane line of cars and pull out any permanent stalls to come in first. Please be patient with this directive. When all the permanents are in, which should be by 6.45am, then we bring in the casuals, a few at a time. Slowly but surely goes the way and your patience will brighten everyone’s day and be much appreciated.

When you drive into the park, we ask you to park close to your stall site and unload quickly, so other cars can pass. Before setting up, please take your car back out and park outside, preferably a couple of streets away so your customers can park closer. Come back to set up. This will also help alleviate congestion. Please do similar when packing up in afternoon. With your support we can make A/B section as smooth flowing as our other sections 🙂

crazy times

See you saturday with the sunshine !


Kaz Selbie – Bellingen Community Market Manager


M: 0400 261693

Please like and follow our Facebook page to receive future notifications

and please share with friends and family to help spread the good word.

thanks for your support

Bellingen Community Markets

February 2022 Newsletter

Welcome to Bellingen Community Markets, in lead up to our wonderful 19 February 2022 Market.

We trust you are ready to join us and looking forward to a good day. As an all weather market, remember to come prepared for all weather; rain, wind and sunshine. Nature’s elements are unpredicable, so please be ready for anything. We only cancel when the grounds are unsafe and this is not the case for Saturday.

February tends to be a quiter month. Tourists have returned home and many people are counting their pennies after an expensive christmas. Some of our permanent stallholders have taken the opportunity to have a break but we always have keen casuals to fill their place. Whatever the case, Bello Markets is a well known, sort after destination. You have to agree, it’s has a good vibe, and is a popular meeting place with friends, family and stallholders enjoy the monthly collaboration.

Safety – We have taped of the areas under the large bunya nut trees in our park. You will find them opposite toilets near church st and east/south corner. We’ve checked the trees and cant see any big nuts up there, but just in case, its best to avoid the area.

Rubbish – Thanks for taking home your rubbish. Please dont leave anything at the skip bins. Some unbright spark has bent the yellow skip bin lid (because they were locked) and forced rubbish into it. As it turns out it is full of unknown rubbish. Please remember, as a plastic free market we use enviromentally friendly product wrappings, utensils and cups. On market day our crew will be wandering around checking this is the case.

We’ve got a good market in store with fabulous music and community representation. Thanks for helping us ensure our market remains an enjoyable, safe, clean and friendly place to be.

Have a good day.

cheers, Kaz


Saije is a multi-instrumental duo whose soulful harmonies, dynamic guitar-lines and percussive breakdowns breathe life into heartfelt stories. Their song writing typically encourages connection to self, to the earth and to each other, inviting you on a journey from the depths of ancient forests to bustling French markets, weaving threads of Celtic and French gypsy flavours into their folk tunes along the way.

Since returning home from an eight-month European tour at the end of 2016, they have uplifted audiences at a number of Australia’s festival gems; including MULLUMBIMBY FOLK FESTIVAL, CYGNET FOLK FESTIVAL, BELLO WINTER MUSIC, and the NATIONAL FOLK FESTIVAL where they received the Folk Alliance Australia Young Artist of the Year Award 2019-2020.

To learn more click here

Great Koala National Park

As our community group for the day they will be on the gates welcoming visitors and asking for donations. They will also have a table outside of Church St Gate. Please go see the wonderful work they are doing and support them where you can.

The GKNP is a grand vision to add 175,000 hectares of publicly owned native forests to existing protected areas to form a 315,000 hectare koala reserve.  

The proposal contains 44 percent of all koala hubs in state forests in New South Wales making a substantial contribution to ensuring the koala’s long term survival in the state. 

It would link fragmented forests with high biodiversity hotspots. There would be flow-on benefits for water security, carbon sequestration and for other conservation dependant species including platypuses, greater and yellow-bellied gliders, large forest owls and many aquatic organisms. 

The Great Koala National Park would bring significant economic benefit to the region, with a net benefit for rural communities. Forestry jobs are declining due to mechanisation and market forces and forestry workers could be transferred into park restoration and management jobs. The wider community would benefit from increased nature based tourism from campers, bush walkers, bird watchers, mountain bikers and nature enthusiasts. With domestic tourism demand increasing in the post Covid world, many Australians will be keen to visit and proud to have such a reserve in their state. 

Given that forests take up 31% of the world’s annual global carbon emissions it is vital that we retain and enhance their vital contribution to reducing atmospheric carbon and mitigating climate heating. The Great Koala National Park provides immense opportunity to transfer unsustainable logging practices into a sustainable, biodiversity hub and carbon sink that contributes to the wider community and ensures the survival of the koala and other vulnerable and threatened species into the future. It is essential that as well as stopping clearing, we actively restore forests and enhance their ability to sequester carbon. Logging has more than halved forest’s carbon storage, by stopping logging we avoid additional emissions and allow forests to sequester ever increasing volumes of carbon as they recover. 

To learn more click here

What to do when

The above map shows you where to line up in the morning.

Permanent stallholders arrive 6.30am and Casual stallholders arrive 6.45am

Thanks for carrying out the following:

  • Be considerate of local residents and line up quietly.
  • Drive slowly within market and NEVER on football field.
  • Park close to your stall when unloading, so cars can pass.
  • Unpack quickly then take your car out of park.
  • Park a few streets away so visitors can park closer. 
  • Return to set up your stall and give a helping hand to others if needed.
  • Don’t leave you car in park unless pre-arranged. 
  • Have the correct money when paying stall fees so we can avoid change.
  • Gates open at 2.30pm to leave.
  • No cars enter park before 2.30pm. 
  • If you want to leave earlier please walk your gear out. 
  • Take home all your garbage
  • Pack up your gear before retrieving your car.
  • All incidents must be reported to the Section Coordinator and/or Manager
  • Stallholders must be out of park by 4pm

Before attending Bello Markets please click here to read “stallholders guidelines, rules & regulations” along with COVID safety info. thank you   

Bellingen Community Markets loves supporting

growers, bakers, makers, creators, traders, shakers,

musicians and local community.


Bellingen Community Markets
Kaz Selbie – Manager
 M: 0400 261693
PO Box 103, Bellingen  NSW  2454
F: bellingenmarkets

Bellingen Community Markets

Welcome to Bellingen Community Markets January 2022.

Trust you had a good start to 2022 and let’s look forward to a happy, healthy and harmonious year ahead with a market every month 🙂

It’s great you can join us again and want to continue being part of Bello Markets. It’s your quality product, good service and friendly way that encourages visitors to return every month. With diverse shopping, cool music, delicious food and good people, it’s the place to be.

A general google review states… “Bello Markets is one of the best markets on the mid north coast, its large, diverse and has a friendly vibe”. Gosh, we couldnt ask for anything better, so a big thanks to YOU !

Whats coming up…….

The Merchant Bankers

This young energetic group are a must to see.

As an emerging group of talented young musicians they have played in various venues over the Coffs Coast in last 4 years. Their diverse range of music is influenced by artists such as John Mayer, Paul Kelly, Eric Clapton, Herbie Hancock, Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, Vulfpeck and The Beatles. The founding members of the band are Josh Merchant on electric/acoustic guitar and vocals as well as writing original songs, younger brother Lachlan is on drums and friend Ethan Barrett plays bass and guitar.

The Bankers take audiences back in time, to the days of classic rock songs with detailed lyrics and unforgettable guitar riffs…you’ll quickly be singing along! The band throws in some classic jazz covers and can go from funky to country in no time flat.

Of course the band loves performing their original material, with songs like Tightrope and City Lights becoming favorites with their fans.

See and hear them on the main stage from 10am

Bellingen Junior AFL Club

Bellingen Junior AFL Club is our community group for the month and will be on the gates welcoming patrons and raising needed funds for their youth. Please give generously where you can.

The local, inclusive football club is run by enthusiastic volunteers. They love seeing local kids get out, be active and participate in the great game of AFL . Catering for both boys and girls from 5 – 17 years old, they are housed at Burdett Park, with players from throughout the region including Bellingen, Dorrigo, Thora, Gleniffer, Fernmount, Raleigh, Repton, Myleston, Urunga and Nambucca.

Do you remember Robert Somosi? He use to sell turkish bowls in D section? Sadly Robert has since gone into a retirement/care facility and unable to do markets anymore. I’m sure your with me when I send our love to Robert through our wonderous universal web. Robert has quite a bit of stock left and would like to let it go at a wholesale price of 25% of the retail value.  If you are interested, please call Bruce Meder on 0426 876 316 

The Heart of the Valley Market is looking for keen stallholders who would like to be part of the fun day. See contact details on poster.

Our market has been filling quickly over the last couple of months. If you are a casual stallholder, you should have received our booking email with instruction and Covid Safely rules and regulations . Please ensure you read and know what’s expected of you and please come prepared. I’m really sorry if you didnt get in this market but please don’t let that put you off from trying again.

It certainly sounds like there are a lot of covid cases around, so stay safe, be smart and savvy. As a spacious outdoor event, our market is one of the safest places to be, and a few simple precautions go a long way.

Signing in is once again mandatory

Wear a mask if you cant distance and sanitize hands

Please dont attend if sick

Cover all food

Thank goodness for the sunshine ! We finally get a reprive from the rain. Our beautiful park full of trees, creeks and wildlife would have had a wonderful soaking, so this week it will be drying out, hopefully. The weatherman says Saturday will be sunny and possibly 50% 3mm of rain, which is not much, so don’t let a bit of rain put your off, as we will be going ahead. Please come prepared for anything as things change quickly. Don’t forget….heavy duty pegs are needed to hold tents down on windy days.

Help reduce rubbish

Please do not leave your rubbish and plastic food containers on the side of the skip bins at the end of market day. All stalls must take their rubbish home and dispose in your own bins. The skip bins are for the red and yellow bin rubbish at end of day. Please support this and help reduce our crazy rubbish intake.

Also don’t forget Bello Markets is a NO PLASTIC market so please ensure you are doing the right thing. Some suggestions below:

Product Alternatives

Plates, bowls and clamshells – Sugarcane based with no plastic lining

Cups – Paper with corn based lining or Compostable Plastic (corn based)

Utensils – Wooden or Compostable plastic (corn based) and labeled compostable

Plastic straws – Paper straws, offer re useable bamboo or stainless steel straws for sale

Single use packaging for condiments i.e. individual tomato/soy sauce packets

Sauce dispenser on counter for customers to self Serve

Polystyrene packaging – Paper, sugarcane, palm leaf

Nature is divine !

See you Saturday with a skip in your pace, a smile on your face and an attitude of grace, because we have much to be grateful for 🙂

Bellingen Community Markets returns Saturday 18 December

We have waited four long months for this day and its going to be a big beautiful celebration of our mighty community spirit , just in time for Christmas.

Well done to our stallholders, volunteers and crew on your resilience. We look forward to seeing you all soon.

We have a very full market, bursting at the seams with a few new artisans and crafters joining us, which is great to see.

If for whatever reason you cant attend as a stallholder when you have booked, please email or call us today to advise. We have over 30 casuals on our waiting list keen to attend, so let me know asap so another can take your place.

15 December marks the day when NSW opens up to everyone (vaxed and non vaxed). Be aware we will have many visitors from the big cities visiting our market. The Covid rules may have relaxed by Covid has not, so please continue to wear a mask when you can’t distance and use sanisizer. Hot food stalls still need to distance people 1.5m waiting in line so please bring your ground markers. Click here to read the new Government rules from 15.12.21. Your vigilance will help keep our community safe.

Because of the influx of Covid cases on the mid north coast and because we attract many, we will continue the QR code sign in. thanks

We are very proud and excited to finally present our inclusive event every month from here on in. With over 260 diverse stalls we have something for everyone, including a good mix of delicious food and coffee.

It’s definitely the place to be every 3rd Saturday of the month.

Read on to find out why.

Live music on the main stage with the Lonesome Boatmen

The Lonesome Boatmen are an original country blues, folk and celtic soul duo consisting of Phil Levy and Steve Gilbert who reinterpret traditional songs in a new light. They are both accomplished musicians and accompany their songs with fingerpicking guitar, harmonica and mandolin and banjo.

They were both members of long time Nth Coast World music band The Romaniacs. They have won best instrumental and best country song categories with two of Phil’s tunes at The North Coast Music Awards (The Dolphin Awards)

Both Phil and Steve have played many festivals and session recordings. Phil has been hosting “The Not Quite Folk Jam “ at the Eltham Hotel for 11 years. One of the most successful jams on the North Coast. Steve Gilbert has been noted as one of Australia’s finest harmonica players. He has played on Aria winning albums with TI legend Seaman Dan and toured with Shane Howard (Goanna Band)

For more info please contact:

Check out their music video –

See and hear them on the main stage from 10am – 2.30pm

Bellingen Youth Group

As our community group for the day they will be on the gates welcoming visitors and shaking the bucket for needed donations for their youth activities so please give where you can. thanks

Free hula hoop session

Join Jesse Jeanes at 8.30am on side of footy oval for a free hula hoop session. Session hoops supplied for free and also available for purchase.This is a great chance to move your hips and body in such a way that makes you feel great !

Santa is coming !

Catch Santa and his little helper on the side of the oval. They will be giving out treats and taking santa photos if your keen.

We’re expecting a big day this Saturday so do come prepared and that means for our radical weather too. The weatherman says sunny and cloudy for the 18th, but how quickly things can change. Click here to read BOM Gov weather report. The grounds are in great shape ready for us to converge, collaborate and celebrate Bello Markets and all within.

Have a fabulous week ahead and see you bright eyed and bushy tailed this Saturday.


Kaz Selbie

Bellingen Community Markets Manager

M: 0400 261 693


Bello Markets Cancelled Saturday 20 November


As from Monday 11th October 2021 everyone needs to be double vaccinated to enter non-essential retail, and the BCM is considered non essential retail.

We are sorry to advise that after considering current health requirements and recent meetings with regulatory authorities (Council,  Police & Dept of Health), the BSRA governing authority of the BCM have concluded that we will not be in a position to fulfil and regulate current health requirements and  have decided to cancel the 20 November 2021 market.  

This has not been an easy decision and many people have worked hard behind the scenes to ensure the safety of our community.  

As of 1st December these rules will no longer apply and we look forward to returning to a full BCM.

We apologise for any inconvenience caused and hope that you understand. 

Stay safe and be kind to each other as our community needs more kindness.

To read more on gov. regulations click here

This means the Bello Growers Market will go ahead at the Bellingen Showground from 7.30am-12pm this Saturday. Click here for more info.