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Bellingen Community Markets – 18 June 2022

Stallholder Newsletter

Welcome to our 18 June Bellingen Community Markets, reported as one of the largest, most diverse and best markets on the north coast of NSW.

It’s so good to see less rain and more sunshine, even though the temperature has dropped to become a very cooooool winterrrrrr ! Hope your keeping warm.

It’s been a while since we’ve had sunny weather and dry grounds, so I can’t help but get excited for Saturday and hope you feel the same.

We have a full and fabulous market of diverse and interesting stalls. A big welcome to our casual stallholders. We hope you love Bello Markets as much as we do. Apologies to those who didnt get in. Sadly over these wet months we’ve had to reduce the stalls on the east side, so until the grounds dry completely, we’re restricted with stall numbers. Please keep trying if this is you.

It’s great to see more locals join us with their unique and wonderful creations. It’s absolutely, positively fantastic our regular and loyal permanents are keen to be part of our market every month. You make Bellingen Community Markets what it is and we thank you wholeheartedly for your ongoing support.

Our lovely Merv Brownlee has left the market team, venturing onto something a little more relaxing. He wants to retire, play golf and be a market visitor. Merv has been with us for many years. He was a wonderful ambassador for our market and did a good job setting up, looking after C/D traffic and welcoming all with his gregarious ways. A big thanks and cheers to Merv! You will be missed. If you see Merv on the street please let him know he is loved.

We have a lovely peaceful picture of Merv.

Please read the rest of our newsletter to ensure you know what to do on Saturday.

Have a fabulous market and enjoy the good vibe under the sunshine.

Look forward to seeing you soon.

Kaz Selbie

Bellingen Community Markets

M: 0400 261693

E: info@bellingenmarkets.com.au

Cool local music……..


JuiceBox are a captivating fusion of free spirited Funk, Soul and Disco, with Guitar, Bass, Drums, keys and a smooth sax as the foundation for poetic lyrics and spicy improvisations. They bring their infectious groove and arrangements, giving life to unique original compositions with strong social and environmental themes.  See them on the mainstage from 10am-2.30pm.

Kalang Fire Brigade

They are still out there, dressed up as bananas, watching for smoke, and having a break during this  La Nina wetness. In the meantime, they are our community group of the month and love helping out at Bello Markets, assisting with the setup and cleanup, welcoming all to the market, and shaking the buckets to raise money for brigade expenses and equipment. Y’all be safe and generous now!

Please carry out the following:

Thanks for your patience when setting up in the moring. We do our best to get you in quickly and smoothly and also need you help to make this happen, therefore please carry out the following:

  • Permenent stallholders arrive 6.30am
  • Casual stallholders arrive at 6.45am
  • There are no covid restrictions, but please be aware and stay safe
  • Please respect residents by not blocking driveways and being quiet while waiting in morning
  • Drive at walking pace when inside market and never drive on the footy oval
  • Park close to your stall when unpacking, so other cars can easily pass
  • Quickly unpack your gear and move your car outside of the park, further away so your customers can park closer.
  • Return and set up your stall. Your gear will be safe while you are briefly away
  • NO CARS to remain in the park unless have prior permission
  • Dont use plastics. Food vendors must use biodegradable utensils, cups and plates
  • When leaving in the afternoon, please pack first before getting your car
  • Take home all your rubbish. Please dont fill out skip bins.
  • We open gates at 2.30pm to go home and please be out of the park by 4pm
  • Once again, when packing up, park close to your stall so other cars can pass
  • Sometimes there are delays in the moring so thanks for your patience and following crew directives
  • Please report any market positives or negatives to the Manager or Section Coordinator.
  • If we don’t know about a problem we cant find a solution
  • If we know you like something, we are encouraged to continue – thanks
  • Casuals need to fill out the booking form on our webpage, every month to apply. This is because you go into a database that also sends you my newsletter, and we dont want you to miss out.
  • Casuals please reply to the booking email I send you with site number and instruction. I need to know you understand and will attend. thanks.
  • Please advise before the Wednesday before the market (latest) if you cant come.

Stall fees:

2 metre           $27$33
3 metre        $33$41
Insurance extra$10 
Over 3 mtrs/extra per mtr      $8 
Eat @ Park Food sites$13 extra  
NFP Charities1/2 price on above 
All food, skin products & massage must have their own insurance  
3 meter        $52 
4 meter                       $66 
5 meter                   $84 
6 meter                     $99 
Electricity                $17 per outlet 

Please have the correct money ready as we come around about 10am to collect your stall fee. We are limited change, this is why we ask you have the correct cash to give us. thanks

Missed stall fee

It costs a lot of money to run our market every month and expenses have been rising. We need to ensure a certain amount of stalls every month to pay our expenses and of late this has not been happening. With more sunshine and drier grounds, we will get back full swing and thriving in no time.

We definitely understand and sympathise with those affected in these unprecidented times, but we must still communicate and adhere to market directives to help us be sustainable over these challenging times.

Over the last few months many stalls have been advising late or not at all, they can’t come. This is a big NO NO. When you book and confirm, we hold the site for you so it’s disappointing when you dont attend. Someone else could have had this site. Please let me know asap if you cant attend and if you know early in the month, let me know too.

All stallholders attending our market agree to our Terms and Conditions, where it states, you must to let us know if you cant attend, and to do so before the Wednesday before the market. If you let us know after this, or don’t let us know at all, you will be charged a missed stall fee at your next market, this now includes casuals.

Clear, prompt and respectful communication goes a long way and helps us have a full, fabulous, well run market, so thanks for your understanding and cooperation.

We’re looking forward to a busy, beautiful, sun shining market day with lots of visitors because it’s school holidays.

Come PREPARED, POSITIVE AND PASSIONATE to have the best day.

Bellingen Community Markets is back Saturday 18 September 2021

Hello lovely stallholders, trust you are super well, keen and able to return to Bellingen Community Markets.

We only have a week to get organised, so lets pull up our socks and take immediate action. 🙂

All the normal Covid safety protocols remains in place, probably moreso. I suspect we will get a visit from local police. Sadly a couple of stallholders were booked at the Farmers Market. If you dont want to wear a mask, get that doctors exemption or take the consequences. Sorry.

Permanents please email info@bellingenmarkets.com.au or sms 0400 261693 to advise. The sooner the better. thanks. Please refrain from facebook messages as I may miss it.

Casuals, if you haven’t already this month, please click here to book now

Please be prepared as we may go into lock down at a moments notice

because as we know, things can change very quickly. 

All updates are placed on our webpage and Facebook

The above picture is the lovely Neil and Sharon from Sundown Creek Nursery. They have a good mix of healthy, colourful plants, including lots of bromeliads. I do hope they can join us, as I hope you can too 🙂

I look forward to hearing from you.


Kaz Selbie


Bellingen Community Markets

M: 0400 261693

E: info@bellingenmarkets.com.au

W: bellingenmarkets.com.au